Can’t summarize the words : Think through real experiences

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Can’t summarize the words : Think through real experiences

It’s an update after a long time.

So, last year after a long time I got an opportunity to go to America but at that time I strongly felt the necessity to gain the information about contact centers in foreign countries and necessity to dispatch good points of the call centers in Japan. And because I realized about extremely low English skills (not very high from the beginning) to do it, I started studying English from summer of last year.

Actually I was doing it a bit slowly till the beginning of the year but trying to get daily study time from this Spring by increasing study hours by approximately 4 times(!).  It is Quite difficult as I’m having a daily headache (haha!).

Well, today’s topic is [Can’t summarize the words] but, suddenly I realized something because of my strength of having a small conversation in English. If an open question like [What do you think about ‘some topic’?] being asked by my English teacher, my explanation about it would be quite long. Originally I’m not very talkative as I only talk about conclusion but when I am unaware about it then it turns into a boring speech many times. However, in case of English, it’s completely opposite.

Regarding good feedbacks, I advice like [Let’s talk from conclusions] also convey the things should be done [logically] but when it becomes English, practically I can’t do it. I wonder why is it so?

The answer is clear, it’s because language capabilities are not catching up with one’s thoughts.

The idea, conclusion is good but there is no language capability to explain. Hence, we need to take it to the conclusion by using the words, sentences and get the feeling like ‘It seems to be an enigmatic conclusion!’ After finishing the talk, I often feel that it was a very pointless process which I described a little while ago.
Worrying because of personal experiences about [Can’t do] are not just limited to Japan but it seems it will help to grow new hints. I’ll post again if I discover anything interesting.

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