Company Overview

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Company Overview

Representative Director
Mika Onishi
1-12-12-4F Kojimachi
  Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan
Capital Stock
1,000,000 Yen


Profile of Representative Director

Onishi Mika

Insight Co. Ltd.
Representative Director
Digital Hollywood University
Part-time lecturer
Director of specific non-profit call center service consortium

Tochigi Prefecture Utsunomiya Region.

1993-1997 Started working in an engineering company series of leading food manufacturing company.

Executive secretary, Human Resource Department in-charge.

1997-2002 AOL Japan Co. Ltd.

Worked as a call center operator in Customer-service Division (In-house call center) and became a Supervisor. Took charge of center management. Implemented training plans as an in-charge and focused on team motivation or skill management of in-charge team, Quality Management, KPI management. Learnt technique of center management of America Online, Inc. (US company).
Thereafter, took charge of member retention program planning as well as SP assistance in Marketing section.

2003-2006 Bewith Co. Ltd.
Administered management of many contract-basis call centers as a person-in-charge (Manager), proposing new deals and marketing policies to clients etc.

2006 Started working as an individual focusing on consulting services to call centers, operator service, Supervision Training, consultation service related to increase quality of calls.

Jan 2007 Established Insight Co. Ltd. with the same business services.


Achievements (extract)


■ Assistance to call centers/contact centers

 – Has experience of assisting many call centers of various kinds of businesses. In recent years, providing services to call centers mainly to the following businesses:

  • Businesses at a glance

   – Financial (Life insurance, damage insurance), Manufacturer (Automobiles, Automobile accessories), Medical (Medical instruments, Drug manufacturers, Medical institutions, Medical services), Mail orders (Cosmetics, health foods), Communication (ISP), IT (portal, EC, OS), Services (funeral services, training and education)

  • Assistance contents

   – Assistance to Supervision duties, Assistance to increase and maintaining quality of incoming calls (monitoring, feedback, ), QA (Quality Assurance) assistance, Assistance to design center management process, E-mail writing guidance, Call Script designing assistance, Logical Writing guidance, Etc.

 – Writing

 Monthly Publication of computer telephony

 Jan-Aug 2009 Series [Immediately usable call script]

 May-Oct 2011 Series [Higher supervisor's key-points]

 Apr 2013-Nov 2014 Column Series [A speech which supervisor speaks after school]

 Jan 2015-Jun 2015 Course of feedback towards Supervisor/Trainer [Conveyable strengths] continuing knacks

■ NPO activities

 As a Director of specific non-profit contact centers services consortiums, dealt with upraising the position of contact center operators from May 2012. There are 2 main businesses rendered:

  • Public activities (Other than well-known activities related to holding nationwide hospitality meetings)

  • Radio [Hospitality cafe] Planning and progress (Broadcasting weekly on Fridays on west Tokyo FM from 19:30 onwards)

■ Part-time lecturer in University

 – Conducting career development lectures based on talented and growing persons in contact centers for University students.

  • Musashino University Career Development Course lecturer [2003-2012] *Ended because of lack of lectures due to revised curriculum.

  • Digital Hollywood University Part time lecturer (2011-present)